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What can I provide ?

  • Laravel 4 to 5 migrations
    Do you have an old laravel 4 app laying around that you would like to upgrade to the newest standards ? I can upgrade your app to the latest laravel version and in the same process refactor parts of your application for a top notch code quality
  • Code audits
    Not sure if your codebase is the way it should be ? I can review your codebase and give you a complete feedback on what's wrong and what can be done to improve it.
  • E-commerce applications
    Thanks to my previous experience building ecommerce applications, I can help you build your online shop and help you grow your business.
  • Content Management System
    Using my CMS AsgardCms, I can provide the clean and responsive backend interface for you to manage your content, the right way.
  • Customised web application
    AsgardCms, is much more than a CMS, it's an awesome tool for Rapid Application Development. Levering the power of AsgardCms I can build a fully custom web application tailored to your needs
  • APIs for your frontend teams to consume
    Frontend frameworks aren't uncommon, they provide for a new rich user experience. Those frontend frameworks need to consume data to display to the end-user. This is where I come in, I can develop the APIs needed for those frontend frameworks.
  • Trainings in PHP / Object Oriented Programming / Laravel 4,5 / AsgardCms
    I can provide trainings for your team or yourself concerning a variety of subjects about development. Including, but not limited to: php, oop, laravel, asgardcms, domain driven design, ... 


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  • Nicolas Widart BVBA
  • BTW BE 0645.786.804
  • IBAN BE68 7310 3945 5834