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Main projects View all my projects on GitHub

  • Laravel-Modules
    Module Management In Laravel.
  • DbExporter
    A Laravel package to export your database structure as a migration file.
  • HttpStatus
    A package to quickly add error pages (403, 404, 500 and 503) to your website.
  • Activity
    Activity lets you list your current activity on Github. Soon from Bitbucket as well.
  • Laravel Broadway
    This is an adapter package to use Broadway inside Laravel. Broadway is an infrastructure and testing helpers for creating CQRS and event sourced applications.
  • Breezometer-php
    A PHP client the Breezometer service.
  • Breezometer-laravel
    Laravel integration for my Breezometer-php package.
  • MoneyFormatter
    A package used for money formatting.
  • MoneyFormatter-laravel
    Laravel integration for my MoneyFormatter Package.
  • Laravel-forecast
    Laravel-forecast provides a service provider and a facade arround the Forecast-php wrapper.
  • Project Lister
    A package to easily list your projects from Github, Bitbucket or Sourceforge.

Side projects websites

AsgardCMS Go to AsgardCMS website

The AsgardCMS project is a project I started early september 2014. Its goal is to have a collection of independent modules which together, create an admin dashboard very quickly. After a couple of months of development I saw an opportunity to create an open source content management system, which became AsgardCMS. Indeed the laravel community lacks complete and modular open source CMSs.

The main platform application can be used to install the complete CMS easily.

Here is a list of the independent modules I've developed so far:

Projects I contributed to

  • Laravel/laravel
    The laravel/laravel application.
  • Php Github Api
    This is a Github API made by Knp-Labs.
  • Modules
    A very interesting package to separate your app logic into modules.
  • Twitter l4
    A PHP Twitter API wrapper for laravel.
  • Barcode
    A package to generate all types of barcodes.